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Great Krypton! Did you know childhood (congenital) heart disease (CHD) affects one in every 100 babies and is the leading cause of death in the first year of infancy?

8 babies are born with heart disease in Australia every day and 4 precious lives are lost each week. There’s currently no known cause or cure and funds are desperately needed to support heart kids, their families as well as fund new research.


That’s why Super Boss Day was created; to find heroes for HeartKids and to lead the fight against childhood heart disease!

How? With the help of some tights, a mask and a fetching cape, we’re challenging bosses (and teachers!) to channel their inner superhero and transform themselves into a champion for HeartKids.

Interested? Simply dress as a superhero at work for just one day in May and get sponsored to do so by your staff, friends and family! Your support could deal CHD a deadly blow. BOFF! THWACK! KAPOW!


Bosses can register (FREE) themselves or be nominated by staff, friends or family. From the time they register to take part in Super Boss Day, bosses will be able to raise funds by asking their employees, friends and family to sponsor them via their own personal online sponsorship page.

SWOOSH! There’s not a moment to lose! Let’s make it our mission to take CHD down for good.

*UPDATE: Thanks to Lindsay Wine Estate, ALL registrants will go into the running to win $360 worth of wine, ready for their next office party! All you need to do is register, and a winner will be picked at random on Friday, 26th May at 5pm EST! (Winners will be contacted and announced on Facebook)

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There are four ways that you can get involved in Super Boss Day:

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ABOUT heartkids

HeartKids is a not-for-profit charitable organisation dedicated to providing support, encouragement and hope to children affected by Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) and their families, while raising awareness of and vital research funding for this chronic disease.

HeartKids aim is to reduce the incidence and mortality rates of CHD whilst enhancing the quality of life for these children and their families. We do this by:

  • Providing family-centered support and education services
  • Funding research into the causes, treatment and management of CHD
  • Advocating for the needs of children with CHD and their families
  • Raising awareness of the impact of CHD on children and their families

Find more details on where the funds go here.


chd18 babies are born with a heart defect in Australia every day

chd1Childhood heart disease is the leading cause of death of Australian babies under the age of 1

chd1Heart defects are the most common birth abnormality, affecting one in every 100 babies.

chd1There is no known cure for childhood heart disease (CHD). Once a heart kid always a heart kid

chd1HeartKids provides life-long support for those with CHD and their families

chd1Thanks to medical advances, there are over 32,000 adults who have lived with a heart defect since childhood.