Meet Faris – The little boy who lived up to his name

In Australia, eight babies are born with heart disease every day, making heart defects the most common birth abnormality. Faris, meaning ‘Strong’, is a brave little boy who understands these statistics all too well.

After what seemed like a normal and healthy pregnancy, baby Faris was born and diagnosed on the same day with a congenital heart condition called Transposition of the Great Arteries, resulting in a balloon septostomy on his first day in the world. By day four, Faris was transported to The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne where he underwent open heart surgery. Faris fought through a collapsed lung and his parents watched in awe as his tiny body slowly gained its strength.

Two weeks later, Faris and his family were able to return home to live a normal life. Tragically, when he was only six months old, Faris lost his father to a terrible and sudden accident. This brave little boy is coming to terms with growing up without his dad, and has the loving support of his mother and two sisters, who are there for him during his annual check-ups.

Faris is a kind, understanding and gentle natured boy who has survived some of life’s biggest challenges at such a young age, always with a smile on his face.

There is no known cure for Childhood Heart Disease, so children like Faris, will always be a heart kid.