Three Children, Three Heart Kids

Kobi, Aaliyah and Isla are siblings, but that’s not the only thing they share; they are all heart kids. One in 100 babies is born with a heart defect, resulting in it being the most common birth defect, which unfortunately has affected the lives of the three Horseling children. In 2007, Kobi was welcomed into […]

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Leah’s Journey – The girl who transitioned from heart kid to adult

Thanks to recent medical advances, there are over 32,000 adults who are living with a heart defect that they have carried with them since childhood. One of those is Leah; a young woman who was born a heart kid and has fought her way through to make it out the other side stronger than ever. […]

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Meet Faris – The little boy who lived up to his name

In Australia, eight babies are born with heart disease every day, making heart defects the most common birth abnormality. Faris, meaning ‘Strong’, is a brave little boy who understands these statistics all too well. After what seemed like a normal and healthy pregnancy, baby Faris was born and diagnosed on the same day with a […]

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