Three Children, Three Heart Kids

Kobi, Aaliyah and Isla are siblings, but that’s not the only thing they share; they are all heart kids.
One in 100 babies is born with a heart defect, resulting in it being the most common birth defect, which unfortunately has affected the lives of the three Horseling children.

In 2007, Kobi was welcomed into the world and into the loving arms of his parents. Doctors quickly picked up a pulmonary stenosis, and Kobi was kept in hospital for a week before he was allowed to go home. Kobi now goes for annual check-ups, and may be lucky enough to never need surgery.

Five years later, Aaliyah was born, and doctors found her heart defect three days later, resulting in surgery to repair a coronary ventricular fistula. At only six weeks old, Aailayah’s heart couldn’t cope and she arrested twice during surgery, which was followed by a post surgery Golden Staph infection.
Aailiyah was allowed to go home at 7 weeks of age, and she has now grown into a strong young girl.

Last but not least is Isla, who was originally sent home with a clean bill of health after her birth, but less than two weeks later was diagnosed with Mitral Valve Regurgitation and a VSD. After two weeks on medication she went to The Royal Childrenโ€™s Hospital for surgery where they found she had ALCAPA which the surgeons repaired. Isla spent four weeks in ICU, and has bounced back, but will eventually need her valve replaced at some stage in her life.

HeartKids provides lifelong support for families like the Horselings, who know all too well about the affects of Childhood Heart Disease, and the lengths these children have been through to be where they are today.